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Video Production & Post-Production Services
We live in the age of video and there is no substitute for powerfully crafted video, whatever your goals.
At Rosa Rugosa Media we have the skills, taste and creativity to produce video that will engage the eye's,
hearts and minds of the audience you need to reach.


Seattle Channel Artist Portrait Series for Art Zone In Studio

We've produced a collection of mini-documentary artist portraits for the Seattle Channel which are broadcast as part of the "Art Zone." In 2009 our portrait of local musician Pearl won a NW Emmy Award. In 2008 The Seattle Channel was honored with the prestigious Excellence in Government Programming Award from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) for the second year in a row. I am very proud of my contributions to this dynamic local programming.

In these artist portraits viewers get a look inside the artists' worlds -- their creative processes, studio and work environments, and thoughts on inspiration.

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Producer / Editor - Patricia O'Brien
DP - Gabriel Miller
Audio Post - Ollie Glatzer

Dante Marioni from Verve

Verve was a half-hour showcase of local artists-those already known and those yet to be discovered which aired in 2007 on the Seattle Channel.

This is an excerpt from the show featuring Dante Marioni, a loval glass artist.

This award winning opening sequence features two local artists:
Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman.

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Seattle's Channel Verve Archive

Produced & Edited by Patricia O'Brien
DP - Gabriel Miller
ainters - Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman
Performers - Amy O'Neil, John Osebold,
Evelyn Bittner and Jason Williams

STart on Broadway Installations Video

This was a joint production between Sound Transit and Seattle Channel.
This two minute version to be aired as part of Nancy Guppy's show
"In Studio." A longer version was created for Sound Transit to promote the use of unoccupied spaces for art installations.

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STart on Broadway
Executive Producer - Barbara Luecke
Producer / Editor - Patricia O'Brien
DP - Gabriel Miller
Audio Post - Ollie Glatzer